About Us


ORFACT is short for Orphan’s Relief Fund and Charitable Trust. It is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in the UK in 1983 by Dr Wathib Al-Amood, a neurophysiologist. It determined to come up with an initiative to help alleviate the suffering of and attend to some of the world’s most vulnerable and forgotten people.

ORFACT has been growning from strength to strength and now has eight trustees supervising its direction and administration, all are professionals and  trustworthy citizens of various local communities throughout the UK. ORFACT prides itself in its long standing reputation of being a transparent and accountable charity.



We are driven by a core belief that the lives of all human beings are of equal importance, and ultimately, poverty is an injustice which must be overcome. Only through working together, can safer world be built.

Our work does not further any political or religious perspective; instead we focus simply on eradicating deprivation. Help is given regardless of the race, faith, or nationality of recipients, and aid priorities are calculated on the basis of need alone.ORFACT respects the people and culture of every country we work in, recognising that victims are dignified human beings, not hopeless objects.

Through continuous care, we protect the most vulnerable sections of society by providing basic human needs; such as food, health care, education, and supportive environment. we strive to supply relief aid to those affected by natural calamities or social and political unrest by distributing emergency aid. This relieves the immediate suffering of victims of disaster.

We will attempt to further this work by building long-term disaster response structures on a local capacity in an effort to reduce continuous disruption in one particular area.We believe every individual has the right to a life free from poverty, and full of hope. We hold ourselves accountable to those we assist and to those from whom we accept resources. Our work is visible to the public, providing an unparalleled insight into everything we do. Our supporters are very important to us, and we work alongside them to help people in some of the most impoverished places in the world.  



ORFACT initially worked primarily for orphans and disadvantaged children on both a national and international level as there was a need to target regions overseas where their governments neither could nor would provide the state security that would fulfil children’s basic rights and needs. 

Our first major projects took place in Iraq and the Gulf region during the late 1980s (under the former regime) where countless children were orphaned. Their parents were either executed or imprisoned indefinitely and the children were, in most cases, denied both public and private assistance.Our projects in Iraq in the early nineties became our foremost success. They gave us the exposure we needed to gain more much needed support to branch out further to where our help was just as needed in countries worldwide; in other parts of the Middle East and then Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe for emergency relief work.

ORFACT had to play an effective role in the battle against a future of poverty and deprivation for these children. It was essential to retain the confidence and filial love they needed until they were able to stand on their own feet. 

 Vision and Mission 

Our  vision  where no child grows up impoverished and unwanted,where every child receives opportunity free from discrimination and where no orphan is beyond hope, understanding or love? 

Our mission is to give hope to those who are orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable, providing them with a way out of poverty through care, education and support. We discriminate in one way only; by choosing to help those most in need, regardless of gender, ethnic origin and race or religion. We are driven by compassion and empathy alone. We want to be able to deal with life’s harshest challenges, to develop their own self-belief, and to face their future with confidence.


We are a transparent and dedicated charity with a wealth of experience. We do not work behind closed doors; everything we do is shown in public providing a far greater insight into our work through the use of videos, blogs, and detailed accounts written by our field officers. 

ORFACT’s accounts are audited on an annual basis by independent and registered chartered accountants. The accounts and annual returns are yearly submits to the Charity Commission and Inland Revenue.

We can assure you that every donation is stretched as far as possible, reaching those most in need. Our charity’s administration and other overheads are more than covered by unrestricted donations and tax recovered from those who have agreed to Gift Aid their donations. We avoid high project overhead costs; wherever possible, we will seek to recruit local people to fill any vacancies. That leaves only specific technical or management posts which cannot be filled locally. These are usually for services involving supervision, audit and international costs.  

Members are encouraged to visit our team in person at least once a year. This is where we show you greater (if not unlimited) access to everything we do. During these events and meetings we invite trustees to attend, so this is also your chance to have a say in the presence of key decision makers.

Since its formation, ORFACT has chosen never to be involved in party politics and, as a charity, is forbidden to do so by law. We are political in the wider sense; part of our mission is to pursue the interests of the beneficiaries of our work and the issues that concern them – such as poverty, inequality and injustice to name only a few – are all broadly political. Our vision, however, is far greater than any narrow, party-political definition and it is conviction and dedication that bring lasting benefits to children’s lives. If you wish, you can now make a restricted donation which will be passed in its entirety to a specific project or theme of work.


Charity Registration Number: 803125