Orphan Sponsorship


For just £18 a month, we can quickly set-up your own orphan sponsorship today. To become a sponsor or for any other enquiries, please use our form below, or call us on 020 8205 8272. Alternatively, you can download our Orphan Sponsorship Form, fill it out and post it back to: 163 Dukes Road, Park Royal, London, W3 0SL, UK.

Why Sponsor

In countries where war, famine and diseases are part of everyday life, millions of orphans are left to struggle for survival.

Sponsorship with ORFACT is actively encouraged and promoted by us, as we believe that the relationship it forms can play an important role in a child’s life. Sending letters and cards has proven to be a direct, warm, and personal approach that boosts the child’s self-esteem.

We currently have hundreds of orphaned children urgently in need of sponsors to see them through the most vulnerable stage of their life.

We identify orphans as children under the age of 18, without both parents or a father, or whose father has abandoned them indefinitely.

We treat all orphans eqally regardless of their gender, religion or race.

Sponsoring a child provides the chance of a good education, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a good level of traditional schooling and vocational training which will help them become independent and self-empowered.

With ORFACT, you can give the children a chance to escape the poverty they were born into. You will be the orphan’s only sponsor and they will know your name and who you are too. Sponsored children send letters, cards and drawings, and you can also write back with a few words which will go a long way in encouraging a child and boosting their self-esteem in this difficult moment in their lives. ORFACT will send you regular updates at least once a year informing you of the progress your support is making, also you can even visit the sponsored child yourself to see some of the changes you are helping to make.

Child sponsorship offers a real sense of direct contact, as a sponsor, you will receive:

– An annual report about the child’s general progress, health, education and achievements

– Where possible, personal letters from the child or his/her remaining parent or guardian

– A new photograph of the child every year

– Other news of his/her progress and the scheme’s development

If you wish, you may also receive a periodical newsletter and an annual report, bringing you up-to-date information of ORFACT’s activities around the world and details about other projects.

We would be delighted to hear from you.