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Orphans Relief Fund and Charitable Trust (ORFACT)  

Dar Al-Zahra Orphanage  

  For the care of orphans in the province of Basra 

 Orfact has established orphan centres to help support orphans in gaining a good education and to encourage moral values within a… read more 

Al-Zahra Orphanage NurseryORFACT has raised funds to build a classroom and establish a Dar Al-Zahra Nursery for orphans and street children who also live in our orphanage (Dar Al-Zahra) attached to our school and the orphanage in Iraq, …… read more


Al-Zahra Orphanage Education CentreEducation holds the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. It is essential to build a firm foundation on which an individual can build a secure future. Our education projects now cover a wide variety of approaches to education, including traditional schooling methods as well as specialised…… read more
Al- Zahra Orphanage Skill Training Workshops 

Many of these workshops have been established near the refugee camps where there are thousands of orphaned families, and a few others have been set up in poverty…. read more

International and National Articles about ORFACT

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ORFACT – Love in the Box 2010 (September – December 2010). Every Christmas, we work with local schools to encourage pupils to send a Christmas wish and message of hope to some of……. read more

Global Peace and Unity Event

On 23rd -24th October 2010 the Global Peace and Unity Event (GPU) was a hugely successful weekend for… more



Charity Dinner Party 2010

8th September from 7.00pm to 10.00pm

Dear Supporter,

First of all, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for joining us at ORFACT’s Charity Dinner Party, which is helping to raise money for some of the world’s….read more